Sunday, 20 January 2013

Learner Licence Test Questions and Answers

1. you want to turn right at a juntion but you think that you r indicators cannot be seen clearly what should you do?
A. Get out and check if your indicators can be seen
B. Stay in the left hand lane
C. Keep well over to the Right
D. Give an arm signal as well as an indicator signal.


2. Driving is a repitition of 3 things which are they in correct order.
A. Think, do and see
B. Do, think and see
C. See, think and Do
D. See, Do and think.

3. You start to feel tired while driving. What should you do ?
A. Inc you speed slightly
B. Dec your speed slightly
C. Find a less busy road
D. Pull over at a safe place to rest

 4. You notice horse riders in front, what should you do first ?
A. Pull out to the middle of the road
B. Be prepare to slow down
C. Accelerate around them
D. Signal right

 5. Be careful while overtaking 'L' mark( Learner Driver) vehicle because
A. Their intention is always to drive in right hand lane
B. This will redure their confidence
C. They may get nervous and it may lead to an accident
D. Generally there aren't medically fit.

6. To help concentration on long journalese you should stop frequently and
A. Have a rest
B. Fill up with fuel
C. Eat a meal
D. Have a drink

 7. Which of the following types of glasses shouldn't be worn when driving at night ?
A. Half moon
B. Round
C. Bi-Local
D. Tinted

 8. You are following this 2 wheeler on a poor road surface. You should
A. Make sure you stay well back
B. Look out as they may wobble
C. Be aware they may suddenly swerve
D. all of the above.

 9. You shouldn't over take when
A. Intending to turn left shortly afterwards
B. Approching a juntion
C. The view ahead is blocked
D. All of the above


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